Earth's abundant plant life provides many
natural resources we rely on.


The flora, or plant life, that exists on Earth is a critical part of our home. At The Earth Society, we are committed to protecting the hundreds of thousands of spectacular varieties of flora that live with us on Earth. It is up to us to protect the wildlife that offers us so much. Together, we can make a difference.

Our home’s plentiful plant life

The plant life that exists on Earth is in need of protection. Critical habitats are being destroyed every day, putting millions of creatures and even entire species at risk. At The Earth Society, our environmental research initiatives are helping to protect these habitats and ecosystems that are at risk of being destroyed.

In addition to our research, The Earth Society is proud to partner with organizations that are working to develop green spaces all over the world, with a focus on urban areas. As a member of The Earth Society, you are supporting urban development initiatives that are making a difference across the country – and beyond – to help protect our plant life.