Many extraordinary creatures. One Earth.
Together, let's protect it.


There are millions of different species of fauna, or animal life, on our planet. At The Earth Society, we value the natural diversity of our home and know that we have a responsibility to protect it. Together, we can speak for the animals who have no voice and desperately need protection. These beautiful creatures not only share our home, but are integral to the sustainability of our ecosystems. Right now, they need our help.

Water is vital
Water is vital

Perhaps our most precious resource, water is at the heart of who we are and all that we do. Support our water conservation initiative now to help preserve this vital resource.

Conservation is at the heart of what we do here at The Earth Society, and that doesn’t stop at conservation of natural lands and resources. Animal conservation, protection, and rehabilitation are key to our mission to help all creatures great and small. These animals cannot speak for themselves. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make the home we share habitable for them and all of us here on Earth.

The animals who share our home

The Earth Society’s partners include animal conservatories and research centers that focus on the protection of endangered species. The work we can do together to sustain the Earth’s fauna makes a major difference for at-risk species.

Additionally, as a member of The Earth Society, you are able to directly impact the animals that are on the endangered species list right now. Your support provides critical care, treatment, and research that are helping the most at-risk animals right now.