How you can use FlexFormz on your website.



Add a button anywhere in your WordPress content to give donors an opportunity to react to what they are reading. The button will activate a lightbox and allow them to give – without ever leaving the page! After they give, they can pick up reading right where they left off.

Adjust the button to say anything you want, in any color you want, with rounded corners or square corners, with a solid color background or outline, etc.


An inline form can sit anywhere in your WordPress body content and will adjust to the width of your body content. Frequency options have been turned off on this form to display how the form looks when you set only a one-time option on the backend. Custom text has also been added to each button to provide additional contextual giving!

Below is another inline mini form adjusted to ONLY include a blank input field, driving higher donations. This form also includes our Honor and Memory of optional fields on the second step of the form!


You can add a Lightbox Form to activate on page load on any page you would like. An optional image has been included on this Lightbox Form to show how you can grab your donors attention as soon as they land on a page with the option to give right away to a specific campaign!


The majority of your giving is likely to come from one of three sources: The main donation button on your home page, a donation button on your primary home page banner, and direct URLs from fundraising eAppeals, social media ads, banner ads, etc. FlexFormz currently includes two full-page, unique URL landing page form options.

2-Step Full Page Form »

1-Step Landing Page Form »